Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ribbon Rose

This is a ribbon technique we did for another Stampers Ten monthly project. Here are the directions. Let me know if you have any questions or need a demo!

1. You take a scrap piece of card stock for the base of your rose.
2. You then run layers of sticky strip horizontally (just a couple inches for this size rose) and back to back to create a solid sticky base.
3. Then cut a piece of ribbon. The size rose I made was about 10 inches of ribbon but you can do any size.
4. Stick one end at the center of your sticky base. It will stick to the sticky strip and will be the center of your rose.
5. Begin twirling your ribbon just like you would twirl a piece of your hair. Twirl it tight at the end and press the ribbon down next to the center piece.
6. Continue to twirl and press in a circle.
7. As you go around with this twirl and press technique your rose will grow.
8. When your rose is the desired size, just snip off the end and twirl until there is only one small piece left to tuck up under another part of the rose. Press and the end will stick
9. Your Ribbon rose is complete!

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