Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hello Everyone!

I am finally putting together my Blog. It is a work in progress right now but I wanted a place to post all the projects I've been working on for presents, gifts, workshops, classes and displays. I will upload pictures of what I'm working on so you all will be able to come here and get ideas whenever you'd like. This is easier than posting everything to my Stampin Up website. I will use that to keep track of my monthly workshops, specials, etc. so please still keep it in your bookmarks. This will just be my main source of sharing projects with you. Email me at any time with suggestions or even projects you've been working on that I can share with everyone. I will post any pictures of customer projects I receive and give you full credit of course when I post to this blog! So, start sharing all your cool ideas with me!! To start off , here are some projects from the summer I worked on as gifts for birthdays and a baby shower! Stay tuned for more!