Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mini Chipboard Scrapbook

This is the Mini Scrapbook/Keepsake that I did for my mother in law's birthday this year. This is the same as the Valentine book I did for my hubby this past February. This is a great gift for anyone and I put it together in one evening! It'll hold 6-8 pictures depending on the size. That is very doable!! This will be one of the projects we'll do at the Gift Giving Stamp Camp this November 22nd. Also, the card holder project I posted in June will be another project for that camp. The point is to create memorable, thoughtful gifts while also saving you money! Sounds good to me!

Scrapbook Club Pages for June

Here are our Scrapbook pages for June. I had two themes in mind - hanging with my girlfriends and being out in nature, which my family loves to do! This rounded out our 6 month Scrapbook club. We each have 24 pages complete now!! WooHoo. That is definitely more than I'd done this time last year. This club is a great way to build scrapbooking supplies, have completed pages - ready to add photos too, and learn great designs and techniques. See my newsletter for the upcoming Holiday Scrapbook club I'm hosting! Don't miss the opportunity to have someone help you design your holiday layouts. This years holiday pages will be done even before the holiday (instead of months or years later!!).